I love Volleyball.I started playing at the age of 9 Grade 3 from my Ateneo Grade School days until College up until now even I am on my early 40’s..

I came across this Good article from ATP news that i wanted to share about How Sports Therapy can help such Athlete.


Massage therapy has been around in sport for many years, helping support fitness, reduce the demands on the body, increase performance, and shorten recovery time.

Published April 23, 2015 12:11

The use of massage therapy in sports has been around for ages. Credited with utilizing massage for helping their athletes, the Greeks began to popularize massage on athletes throughout Europe with the modern history of sports massage starting in 1924 at the Olympic Games in Paris. When we look at the purpose of sports massage it is targeted to support fitness, help reduce the demands of sport on the body, increase performance, and shorten recovery time.

While the application of sports massage can happen for a variety of reasons, there are two main areas of timing and training where it is especially beneficial. The first is getting massage for prevention and maintenance. This is a great way to keep those little problems and areas of soreness from becoming big ones that can affect your participation. This type of work is best done when there is not an upcoming competition so you can recover from any discomfort. This is the time for the therapist to work a bit deeper to remove any restrictions in the muscles and make the corrections to the body to help improve performance and reduce injury. The techniques used during this type of treatment are varied but are always therapeutic in nature. Depending on your sport, the techniques can be adjusted so that nothing is done to disrupt the training cycle or competition. Some of the benefits of this type of work are:

  • Normalize tissue to improve function • Improve tissue healing • Improve Range of Motion • Reduce muscle stiffness • Remove trigger points in the muscles • Improve scar mobility

The next area where massage therapy is extremely effective and important to have done is for recovery. Ideally, this type of massage is done 1-3 hours after competition but if that is not practical, then as soon as possible. It is designed to help move the fluid out of the muscles to help them recover. While this massage uses deeper techniques, it should not be painful. Its benefits include:

  • Reduction in post exercise soreness (DOMS) • Improved feeling of recovery • Can help with muscle endurance and power output • Can reduce muscle fatigue • Decrease in substances that cause pain in the muscle • Improves blood flow in massaged body part • Calms the nervous system and helps relaxation

How to find a good sports massage therapist While the techniques used in sports massage are similar to those used on other types of massage, it is important to find a therapist that knows when to apply those techniques to achieve the best results. Considerations such as event timing, setting, common stress areas, training schedule, and any other therapy that you are receiving should be factored into treatment decisions. If we were to look at a definition, then the sports massage therapist treats musculoskeletal conditions using information gathered through an advanced understanding of anatomy and physiology, the understanding of injury pathology, proficient palpation, and a skilled assessment ability including history, range of motion, manual muscle testing, and orthopedic tests.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the training of your therapist. Be sure that they have knowledge of sports, its various demands, and application guidelines. If you have questions about other aspects of healthcare, they should be able to produce information from reputable sources or refer you to another healthcare practitioner in their network so that you get the most appropriate and accurate information. Remember, it is your body.

Repost from ATP website Published April 23, 2015 12:11