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Every journey starts with a single step, just as each gait cycle starts with one heel strike.


I am Myla Justiniani-Etac, a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist.

My story began in 1997 when I completed a 5-year Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy at Davao Doctors College in Davao City. However, I felt a strong urge and persistent drive to further my studies. Thus, in 2013, I decided to enhance my knowledge and skills by enrolling in a 2-year qualification program as a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist in Dublin. To further enhance my credentials and experience, I invested significant time and resources in upskilling myself and learning new techniques in manual therapies. Consequently, I seized the opportunity to enroll in John Gibbons’ Body Master Method, a multidisciplinary approach to manual therapy, which took place at the Oxford University Sports Complex in Oxford, UK. Since 2018, I have been undertaking at least 3 different master classes, including The Vital Shoulder Complex, Advanced Muscle Energy Techniques, and The Vital Glutes & Psoas, to name a few. Additionally, I received functional intensive dry needling training in Scotland.

After years of training, hardships, and dedication to my path as a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist, I decided to embark on my private practice. This journey has always been challenging but ultimately rewarding.

A new door opened in my career when I was given the chance to work as a neuromuscular sports therapist for the Top Dublin GAA team—the Thomas Davis GAA Tallaght. I am forever grateful to Paul Kelly, my team manager, who is now the New Naas GAA manager for 2021. I am proud to say that the team I work with was included in the 2019 Dublin Finals. 

More opportunities came my way, and I was able to collaborate with the Naas Athletics Club, which I fondly refer to as “The Crazy Runners” in a positive sense. Since 2019, I have had over 20 runners under my wing for their training journeys, including preparing for the Dublin Marathon. I also work with some athletes who compete in the Dublin Ironman triathlon. Additionally, I am involved with 2 senior football teams in Naas: Naas United and Monread FC (football club).

I have the privilege of being a neuromuscular therapist for the Ballet of Ireland and working with their current director, Anne Maher. Being a part of this prestigious organization allows me to work with world-class ballerinas and attend their live performances such as Romeo and Juliet and The Nutcracker as a complimentary perk. I also work with professional Irish Dancers who have competed in World Championships and the Leinster Finals. 

From ballerinas/dancers to sports champs, my patients greatly vary. I have had the honor and privilege of helping and providing treatment to household names in the world of Irish sports, including Dervla Duffy, a boxing champion; David Wilkins, a 5-time Irish Olympian medalist for Sailing; and Neal Murphy, a top Irish Squash world champion. I feel incredibly honored and humbled by these opportunities.


As the practice has become busier, I now have a team of therapists who work with me, each specializing in their own field

Betul Dorik

Sports Therapist / Physiotherapist

Betul Dorik has a Master’s degree from Turkey specializing in knee injuries, with a focus on ACL and Meniscus Injury. Her knee thesis was featured in a medical publication in Turkey.

Jia Wei Siow

Sports Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy

Jia Wei Siow completed his degree in Sports Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy from SETU Carlow. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. and working on a research project on how to make running a less injurious health tool.

Cian Holmes

Sports Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy

Cian Holmes completed his degree in Sports Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy from DCU. He is also a Hurling player who represents Naas GAA and handles Leixlip GAA.

Mia Mejos

Virtual Receptionist / Accounts Assistant

Mia is the first person you talk to over the phone. She is kind, always ready to book appointments, and maintains professionalism at all times. She handles general calendar management, including cancellations and waiting lists. Prior to this role, she was employed as a receptionist at an English Language School in Dublin. She also managed the accounts for Myla and Gillian’s businesses (Pain & Rehab Care and Yoga Studio). Mia loves music, is a band vocalist, a cantor at Naas Ballycane Church, a member of the Big C Choir, and manages a busy household with 4 kids.

As we work with different athletes in their respective fields, including Naas Athletics Club, NaasGAA, Naas Triathlon, Naas United FC, and the Ireland Adventure Racing Team, many peoplecome to see us for assistance

My overall journey was never easy to begin with. It required patience, unwavering determination, and a leap of faith. There were moments of weariness, but the end results have been incredibly gratifying and humbling.

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